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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Loreal "Super Liner Carbon Gloss"

Girls- I don't know about you, but me and liquid line DO NOT get on. 

I have never really nailed the art of applying liquid liner, the steady hand, the precision of drawing a straight line on my eyelid, without flinching, or having the patience to let it dry therefore having it smudged when i blink.

However, I have found myself a product which means most of the above doesn't have to apply......

This is the Loreal "Super Liner Carbon Gloss" in the shade Carbon Black. I bought this in Boots for £6.49 (Boots often have special offers on Loreal such as double points, 3 for 2 etc, so more than likely got it in an offer) HERE is the link.

This is the most easiest liquid liner I have used. The best way to describe it is that its like a felt tip. When using it you feel like you are in control of the application and glides on so smoothly and easily. This means you can easily also create different looks (flick, cat eye etc)

The colour is a lovely bold black and it lasts all day. I find with most liquid eyeliners they fade really easily, and can look grey on the eye but I haven't had this problem with this one.

The downside I think it is rather pricey for what you get (if you purchase not on an offer). For £6.49 for a tiny tube of product! (i tried to look for the amount but its not stated on the packaging) However, for me its not so bad as I only really wear it out at night so can last me a good few months. 

Any recommendations for others similar?

Lucy Grace xoxo


  1. My favourite is the Rimmel 'glam eyes' liquid liner, its around £4 and it's lasted me 4 months and used it everyday!


    1. Will deffo give that one a try thanks hun xxx

  2. I'm still rubbish at applying things like this. It either looks wonky or I don't notice it at all! Need to watch a tutorial perhaps. this product sounds pretty good xx

    1. Yeah I'm exactly the same hun. Wish I could do tutorials haha xxx

  3. I did a post on my blog testing out 5 eyeliners to see which is best (from high end to low end) and a £2 MUA felt liner came out the best, it lasted longest and was easy to apply so I would definitly suggest trying that :)




    1. Hey sweets thanks for the link I'll check out the blog post xxx

  4. From what i can see that still looks a little flimsy, you should check out the collection 2000 liquid eyeliners, first one i ever got and now i'm a pro! ;) Great blog, check out mine please?


    1. Will deffs take a look. Thanks sweetie xxx

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