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Sunday, 1 April 2012

March Favourites

Firstly, just want to apologise for being a bit slack on the blogging front recently....no particular reason. Just pure laziness!!

Anyway, here is what I have been loving during March....

1. The Body Shop - "Tea Tree Face Mask" £9.00 for 100ml BUY HERE

I have oily/combination skin and this works really well for me. I use this once a week (usually a Sunday) and have really seen a difference.  It claims to remove excess impurities, absorb excess oil and soothe skin. If I'm honest, I haven't noticed a difference with excess oil but it does help to calm and reduce any blemishes I may have and leaves my skin smooth and looking fresh.

The scent is mild, which is perfect as I hate it when you get a face product which the smell makes you want to vomit. This product doesn't dry, which is also great as sometimes I hate that tight feeling you get when using a face mask. 
I read on a review on the Body Shop website that a customer used it nightly, dabbing the product on any spots she had and washing it off in the morning so I may try that. 
I'm really impressed with The Body Shop skincare products at the moment so       definitely need to get some more! Any recommendations?

2. Soap & Glory "Pulp Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub" £8.00 BUY HERE

 I have been using this in my Fake Tan routine. About once a week, i will exfoliate my skin (using this), moisturise then tan tan tan. I find this is a really gentle exfoliator but will give you fantastic results.  I have very sensitive skin, but can get very exfoliator happy and scrub my skin like I have never scrubbed before which will leave me quite red. However I haven't really noticed it with this product. It leaves my skin smooth and silky. It has a gorgeous fruity scent and the exfoliants in the product aren't too overpowering. It starts as a normal exfoliator but as you use it, it foams up which I think is why it is less harsh on the skin. I use this product with exfoliating gloves.

The packaging is gorgeous as with all Soap And Glory products and I feel its very good value for money. I got this for Xmas in the Vanity Bag that Boots had on offer, and seeing as I only use this once a week I feel its going to last 
me a very long while. A little of this product goes a long way. So would definatley re purchase this. The only negative is, when i get out the bath, the exfoliant bits were left at the bottom of the bath, you can't see them and it was only the next day I realised, i had rinsed the bath out but you will need to clean it properly to get rid!

3. MAC Lipstick "Angel" (Frost) £13.50 BUY HERE

 As you can tell from the photo this lipstick is being used to death! Angel is a soft pink, frost lipstick from Mac. I have seen a lot on blogs, Twitter, You Tube etc that this is Kim Kardashian's fave lippie.

The colour is a lovely rosy pink, which I would say is a little darker than a pastel pink colour. This works for both day and night but at the moment this is my go to colour for nights out.

I find the formula very moisturising and long lasting. I tend not to apply lipgloss over the top.

This shade is perfect for spring/summer. 

4. Benefit "So Hooked On Carmella" Eau De Toilette £29.50 for 30ml BUY HERE 

This perfume reminds me of SUMMER! It smells of Malibu + Cocktails. A very sweet smelling scent. I also love the packaging and that its shaped like a cocktail shaker. Its very girly, if your not a fan of very sweet scents this isn't for you.

5. Barry M Nail Paint "137 Blue Moon" £2.99 BUY HERE 

 Okay, this is a bit of a funny one. I recently really gone off Barry M Nail Varnish. I don't find them very long lasting, they chip easily and the formula is very thick and gloopy.

The favourite part here is that I LOVE the colour. If anyone could recommend me an OPI nail colour which is similar like a sky blue or pastel light blue I would be very grateful. 

Please feel free to leave any comments below

Lucy Grace xoxo

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Loreal "Super Liner Carbon Gloss"

Girls- I don't know about you, but me and liquid line DO NOT get on. 

I have never really nailed the art of applying liquid liner, the steady hand, the precision of drawing a straight line on my eyelid, without flinching, or having the patience to let it dry therefore having it smudged when i blink.

However, I have found myself a product which means most of the above doesn't have to apply......

This is the Loreal "Super Liner Carbon Gloss" in the shade Carbon Black. I bought this in Boots for £6.49 (Boots often have special offers on Loreal such as double points, 3 for 2 etc, so more than likely got it in an offer) HERE is the link.

This is the most easiest liquid liner I have used. The best way to describe it is that its like a felt tip. When using it you feel like you are in control of the application and glides on so smoothly and easily. This means you can easily also create different looks (flick, cat eye etc)

The colour is a lovely bold black and it lasts all day. I find with most liquid eyeliners they fade really easily, and can look grey on the eye but I haven't had this problem with this one.

The downside I think it is rather pricey for what you get (if you purchase not on an offer). For £6.49 for a tiny tube of product! (i tried to look for the amount but its not stated on the packaging) However, for me its not so bad as I only really wear it out at night so can last me a good few months. 

Any recommendations for others similar?

Lucy Grace xoxo

Sunday, 18 March 2012

MAC- Bronzing Powder

Hello Beauties,

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Happy Mothers Day to all my lovely readers that are yummy mummy's!

I am quite sceptical when it comes to using and trying bronzers. I have a very pale + pink based skin tone.  In the past, when I wasn't quite make up savvy, I have used bronzers which have made me look either dirty/muddy, an oompa loompa or a straight up chav.

However I have learnt over time, finally, that less is more.

The bronzer I am currently using at the moment is "MAC Bronzing Powder" on the colour Matte Bronze. You get 10g of product for £18.50 which you can purchase from here 

I'm gonna start with the obvious. THE PRICE. Like wow. I know your all thinking corrr nearly £20 for a bronzer! However, I can easily say that this bronzer has lasted me at least 4 months. When you think of the cost spread out like that its actually not to bad, and I have only just hit pan (as in the picture below).

What I like most about this product is that it is buildable. You can use a really light hand for a barely there contour, but can add and add if you want a full on glow so its a versatile product. I really like the colour of Matte Bronze and seems perfect for my light skin tone. I have used Golden before, but found it very orange on my skin, and didn't look very natural. Also Golden has shimmer in it, which I didn't personally like on myself which is why I preferred the more matte natural shade. 

The packaging is the standard MAC powder packaging, a compact with a mirror. However there is no sponge applicator compartment (not that I use them anyway!)

All in all I really like this bronzer, yes the price is scary but A. its MAC and B. it lasts forever.

Can you recommend any other bronzers to try?

Lucy Grace 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Body Shop - Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover Review

Hey Beauties,

I don't know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with eye make up removers. Yeah they do the job, by taking off your eye make up, but 9 times out of 10 I am left with really sore, red eyes. I find most can be quite harsh on my eye area, especially if its not a formula which is taking off your make up easily which means you are rubbing away at your eyes!

However, I have recently been using a product which I haven't been having these problems with....

This is the "Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover" from The Body Shop . I bought this just after Christmas, in their sale and got a 60ml bottle for £3 which you can still get here. The 250ml bottle retails for £8.00.

Now if you order the 60ml bottle it looks TINY! However I would say its lasted me a good 3 months. This is a fantastic product and I have no complaints whatsoever. I don't get redness, my eyes don't feel sore after using, and my make up comes off so easily. I generally pour a tiny bit onto a cotton pad, press it gently on my eye for a few seconds, then wipe. 

This is the first eye make up remover I have come across which hasn't given me discomfort and I will generally purchase again.

Any recommendations for others or have you used this one? Please comment below....

Lucy Grace xoxo