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Sunday, 1 April 2012

March Favourites

Firstly, just want to apologise for being a bit slack on the blogging front recently....no particular reason. Just pure laziness!!

Anyway, here is what I have been loving during March....

1. The Body Shop - "Tea Tree Face Mask" £9.00 for 100ml BUY HERE

I have oily/combination skin and this works really well for me. I use this once a week (usually a Sunday) and have really seen a difference.  It claims to remove excess impurities, absorb excess oil and soothe skin. If I'm honest, I haven't noticed a difference with excess oil but it does help to calm and reduce any blemishes I may have and leaves my skin smooth and looking fresh.

The scent is mild, which is perfect as I hate it when you get a face product which the smell makes you want to vomit. This product doesn't dry, which is also great as sometimes I hate that tight feeling you get when using a face mask. 
I read on a review on the Body Shop website that a customer used it nightly, dabbing the product on any spots she had and washing it off in the morning so I may try that. 
I'm really impressed with The Body Shop skincare products at the moment so       definitely need to get some more! Any recommendations?

2. Soap & Glory "Pulp Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub" £8.00 BUY HERE

 I have been using this in my Fake Tan routine. About once a week, i will exfoliate my skin (using this), moisturise then tan tan tan. I find this is a really gentle exfoliator but will give you fantastic results.  I have very sensitive skin, but can get very exfoliator happy and scrub my skin like I have never scrubbed before which will leave me quite red. However I haven't really noticed it with this product. It leaves my skin smooth and silky. It has a gorgeous fruity scent and the exfoliants in the product aren't too overpowering. It starts as a normal exfoliator but as you use it, it foams up which I think is why it is less harsh on the skin. I use this product with exfoliating gloves.

The packaging is gorgeous as with all Soap And Glory products and I feel its very good value for money. I got this for Xmas in the Vanity Bag that Boots had on offer, and seeing as I only use this once a week I feel its going to last 
me a very long while. A little of this product goes a long way. So would definatley re purchase this. The only negative is, when i get out the bath, the exfoliant bits were left at the bottom of the bath, you can't see them and it was only the next day I realised, i had rinsed the bath out but you will need to clean it properly to get rid!

3. MAC Lipstick "Angel" (Frost) £13.50 BUY HERE

 As you can tell from the photo this lipstick is being used to death! Angel is a soft pink, frost lipstick from Mac. I have seen a lot on blogs, Twitter, You Tube etc that this is Kim Kardashian's fave lippie.

The colour is a lovely rosy pink, which I would say is a little darker than a pastel pink colour. This works for both day and night but at the moment this is my go to colour for nights out.

I find the formula very moisturising and long lasting. I tend not to apply lipgloss over the top.

This shade is perfect for spring/summer. 

4. Benefit "So Hooked On Carmella" Eau De Toilette £29.50 for 30ml BUY HERE 

This perfume reminds me of SUMMER! It smells of Malibu + Cocktails. A very sweet smelling scent. I also love the packaging and that its shaped like a cocktail shaker. Its very girly, if your not a fan of very sweet scents this isn't for you.

5. Barry M Nail Paint "137 Blue Moon" £2.99 BUY HERE 

 Okay, this is a bit of a funny one. I recently really gone off Barry M Nail Varnish. I don't find them very long lasting, they chip easily and the formula is very thick and gloopy.

The favourite part here is that I LOVE the colour. If anyone could recommend me an OPI nail colour which is similar like a sky blue or pastel light blue I would be very grateful. 

Please feel free to leave any comments below

Lucy Grace xoxo


  1. Love the colour of the Barry M nail polish and really want to get the 'Angel' shade lipstick. Great post xx

  2. I love your blog. Really cute!

    I need to get some more body scrub.

    I am now following
    Follow back if you lie :)

    Decisions Decisions

  3. Love the colour of that polish! Barry M polishes are really nice colours, however I do find the formula is too thin. Well for me anyway. And my crackle polish went all gloopy after a few uses!

    Love Nails. Love Obsession-Lacquer.



  4. These all looks great!
    Would love to try the tea tree face mask and the S&G Body Scrub.
    Btw, you have a lovely blog. I am following you :)
    *Giada Beauty*

  5. Great reviews, I need a new face mask and the top one looks great :)


  6. I love mac angel xx

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    thankyou so much Godbless! xx :D