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Sunday, 18 March 2012

MAC- Bronzing Powder

Hello Beauties,

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Happy Mothers Day to all my lovely readers that are yummy mummy's!

I am quite sceptical when it comes to using and trying bronzers. I have a very pale + pink based skin tone.  In the past, when I wasn't quite make up savvy, I have used bronzers which have made me look either dirty/muddy, an oompa loompa or a straight up chav.

However I have learnt over time, finally, that less is more.

The bronzer I am currently using at the moment is "MAC Bronzing Powder" on the colour Matte Bronze. You get 10g of product for £18.50 which you can purchase from here 

I'm gonna start with the obvious. THE PRICE. Like wow. I know your all thinking corrr nearly £20 for a bronzer! However, I can easily say that this bronzer has lasted me at least 4 months. When you think of the cost spread out like that its actually not to bad, and I have only just hit pan (as in the picture below).

What I like most about this product is that it is buildable. You can use a really light hand for a barely there contour, but can add and add if you want a full on glow so its a versatile product. I really like the colour of Matte Bronze and seems perfect for my light skin tone. I have used Golden before, but found it very orange on my skin, and didn't look very natural. Also Golden has shimmer in it, which I didn't personally like on myself which is why I preferred the more matte natural shade. 

The packaging is the standard MAC powder packaging, a compact with a mirror. However there is no sponge applicator compartment (not that I use them anyway!)

All in all I really like this bronzer, yes the price is scary but A. its MAC and B. it lasts forever.

Can you recommend any other bronzers to try?

Lucy Grace 


  1. Nice !! Must try :)

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  2. if you wanted a cheaper alternative i have always loved the bourjois chocolate bronzer! nice blog, new follower :) xx

    1. Yes! I need to get my hands on that one. Thanks Sweets xxx

  3. I always love using MAC Bronzers, i always look like i have a natural glow when i've contoured :) Another great bronzer would be the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, i've had mine for a few years now and i swear it lasts forever haha



    1. Yeah have been meaning to try Hoola. Thanks lovely xxx