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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Blink + Go Long Lasting Black Mascara Review

Hello Missys,

Today I am going to review for you the Blink + Go "Long Lasting Black Mascara"

 I received this mascara in one of my monthly Glossybox's last year. This mascara claims to "Longer, thicker, sexier… give your natural lashes a stunning, flake-free, waterproof boost".

I would totally agree wit this statement. The normal mascaras I go for, are typically volumising with big wands, such as Benefit Bad Gal Lash or Dior Show. So when I saw this in my box, I wasn't too keen.

Never judge a book by its cover!

I am really enjoying using this mascara. Is there anything it can't do?! It separates my lashes, lengthens them and gives a generous coat without being to flakey or clumping. I just adore the definition it gives to my lashes, which I've never really had from a mascara before. It only needs a couple of coats. However if you do tend to go mascara crazy (which I often do), it wont give you that awful, spider eye clumpy mess (which is such a pain to 

The mascara retails for £12.95 and can be purchased from : http://shop.nouveaubeautygroup.com/blink-go-mascara-single/ . It is more a high end price for a mascara (even though drugstore brand Loreal sells mascaras for around £10) and I would definitely re purchase for such a high quality product. 

The only slight and I mean slight downside is, it is slightly waterproof, so when it comes to taking it off, it takes a bit more effort than usual. But at least you know it will last all day! 

I havent tried any other Blink + Go products. Have you?

Lucy Grace xoxo


  1. In my glossy box for that month I got a mascra by the same compeny who make blink n go. Cant remember what is called now but I really like it too.
    I have heard such good feedback on the blink and go I will defo have to give it a go

    Love your blog, just followed

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    1. I really wanna try there eyelashes.

      Thank you, I will go follow back :) xxx

  2. I don't know the product, really great review.
    new follower.


  3. I really want to try this mascara, it sounds amazing!xx