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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Polly Dolly Bag

So today, a very exciting parcel arrived for me at work. Inside there was my "Polly Dolly" bag which I had ordered from www.lovepinklily.com

They are a company based in Essex, that sell a range of items, but also sell the personalised bags. I have wanted one for ages! They have a range of different styles and they can be personalised to you, you can choose your eye + hair colour, and what name you would like put on the bag. Each bag is handmade. Bags start from £20 and the delivery cost is £3.99. I was so happy when my bag arrived, not a lot of people I know have a bag like this. 

They have also just expanded, as they now are selling clothes & accessories, along with the personalised bags. They have some really nice bits on there, I would highly recommend!

Go check them out www.lovepinklily.com or follow on Twitter at @Pollydollybags

Lucy Grace xoxo

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  1. I love these style of personalised , it's gorgeous!

    Andrea x