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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Challenge.....

So as you all will know, Lent started today. I fortunately (or after you read this not so fortunate) work with one of my best friends. At work, we was deciding what to give up for Lent. The usual suspects came up: Chocolate, Crisps, Alcohol etc etc, and I was really struggling to come up with something that I hadn't done before.

So my friend has set me a challenge. For Lent, for 40 days I have to give up the following:
- Purchasing any shoes, clothes, bags or jewellery.


Now as she is one of my besties, she knows this is going to kill me. She knows me very well and of my love to shop (especially the shoe habit). But I like a challenge and I'm not one to fail so I'm going to do it. It will be difficult, as every weekend I do like to shop (Sunday Shop has become a habit), but I think it will make me realise how frivolous I am with my money!

40 Days sounds such a long time, well 1 down.....39 to go....

Are any of you doing anything similar?

Lucy Grace xoxo


  1. Yes Im thinking of going on a beauty diet xx No purchasing of any beauty products ! Eeeek !
    Just stumbled upon your blog - its fab xx
    Wanted to invite you to check out my blog sale :-
    http://lipstick-fridays.blogspot.com/2012/02/blog-sale-more-items-added.html - Maybe we could follow each other xx

    1. You should deffo try it. Think of all the money you will save (thats whats keeping me going!) I bet I'm going use products I never knew I owned haha. Now following you sweets xxx

  2. i wish i could stop buying too many clothes xD
    lovely post and i looovee you header :) so cute!



    1. I know, I'm going to have so many withdrawal symptoms! Thanks sweets :) Now following you xxx

  3. i don't think i could even bring myself to agree to giving up buying clothes, let a loan stick to it!
    seriously, good luck, if you're anything like me with spending you'll need it!



  4. Ahhhhh i hope i don't break it!! x